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Our veteran team members have been developing web technology for over 25 years to support some of the largest organizations on the internet. We want to share that talent, experience and enthusiasm with your brand.

Your Tech Your Way

Modern technology has a way of changing quickly and your business success relies on solutions that can capitalize on keeping up with those changes. Our key focus is tapping into the vast collection of open source technology to develop enterprise level quality applications that are secure and suit your business needs. Modern technology should be flexible, robust and purposefully built into your perfect platform, as unique as your business.

An Architected Approach

Just being able to integrate your technology is different from integrating it well. Taking a high level, architected approach to the structure of your integrations makes sure that each piece not only communicates, but communicates intelligently with the entire system. This helps keep your business process smoother and enables you to capitalize further on your potential.

What is ‘Modern’?

While our team has worked with the majority of available e-commerce and content management systems on the market, our preference is for solutions which aren’t proprietary. It is your code, you shouldn’t be tied to your application or integration vendors. Our focus on open source systems means what we develop for you can be taken anywhere and supported by members of the community. 

Why Igility?

Complex, robust integrations are our specialty. We have tackled difficult integrations for our clients in the past with amazing results that you can read about in our Case Studies. We have a deep bench supporting Drupal and WordPress as well as multiple other backend systems. We also focus on delivering dynamic frontend solutions with the power of React and Next.js. Igility is your partner, and we are here for you no matter what your needs. Let us know what you're working with and we can tell you how Igility and Drupal can help you build the best solution for your business.

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