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A long term growth trajectory starts with a solid foundation. We will partner with your team to develop a crystal clear vision of your ideal customers, plan an experience to make them raving fans of your business then do the unthinkable: tell you how much it will cost.

Digital Marketing Strategy is a series of planning exercises designed to align your business and your roadmap with your customer.

  • Know your customer.
  • Plan your customer’s experience.
  • Plan how your organization will deliver that experience.

We will work with you to:

  • Understand your business.
  • Get to know your customer.
  • Document your business’s process for delivering value.
  • Develop a roadmap to deliver on your objectives.

Who is it for:

  • Companies planning a customer centric re-design of their website, e-commerce site and / or other applications.
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Your Story

We start with a simple question: What is your story? This conversation sets the stage for everything that follows as your concerns, challenges and objectives become ours. We see empathy as the core principle in marketing as we seek to understand you, your organization and your customers as we begin to envision the road ahead. If by the end of this first stage our hair turns a bit grayer, know that it’s because we feel your pain and we’re right there with you ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work on some solutions. 

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Customer Personas

Now that we know where you are coming from and where you are trying to go, we will partner with you to get to know your customer.

  • We start by leveraging the latest in AI tools to generate customer personas to get us started.
  • We will then review these personas with your team to gather feedback and insights from your best and brightest and make improvements as needed.
  • We then conduct surveys and interviews of key customers to further validate our findings.

The result is a complete picture of your customer driven by AI, data and intuition we will use for the rest of the engagement.

customer journey map chart

Customer Journey Map

Sales success doesn’t happen by accident. It is planned, and this is how. The customer journey map plots out and visualizes the users interactions and experiences across different touch points and stages along the path from total stranger to loyal customer.    It helps marketers understand, plan and measure an effective and comprehensive customer relationship by:

  • Starting with a well defined customer persona.
  • Mapping out the current touch points.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Designing the customer journey.
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Service Blueprint

The Business Blueprint is the ‘so what’ to the Customer Journey Map. This effort crafts the 'magic' of that perfect sales experience. It is your opportunity to anticipate and plan to address the needs of prospects and customers at every step of their journey with your brand. This involves everything from advertising and marketing operations to product development, customer service, e-commerce and fulfillment. At the end of this effort, you will have a high level roadmap for delivering your ideal customer journey allowing you to prioritize your efforts and budget accordingly.

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Voice and Tone

The written word is at the heart of all digital marketing efforts, so it’s important that the personality of your business is consistent. This is achieved through a voice and tone exercise and the results can be handed off to designers and writers alike to guide them as they create content and customer experiences that are on target right out of the gate. This brief yet fun exercise involves including key stakeholders including management, writers and sales team members in a word selection / elimination exercise describing the personality of your business.

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Site Map

Your website is the hub of all digital marketing experiences. All roads lead back to your site. Throughout the strategy sessions a list of ideas and features will have developed organically. This is the time to plot out what content the website will include and, at a high level, how users will find information on the site and the general list of features and integrations that will be included in the site. Your site map will include page types and templates as well as, prior to our design effort, what will be included on key pages.

woman creating a kanban chart of features

Features and Functionality

From the sitemap and the service blueprint, we will now build out a preliminary functional specification for the build, a final price for the design effort and a refined estimate for the site build. This specification and build estimate will evolve with the progress of the design effort as new ideas will inevitably be brought to the forefront in the next stage of the project. This way we work toward an established budget while balancing the nature of the creative process.



At the end of the strategy engagement you (and we) will emerge prepared to proceed toward design and development of your customer experience. You will emerge with a greater understanding of your customer,  your business and you will have a roadmap to implement your ideal customer engagement plan. You will be provided with:

  • Documented customer personas.
  • Documented business requirements.
  • Project estimate touchpoint.
  • Fixed price for the design effort.

Great customer experiences

Building great customer experiences starts with great understanding of the customer. From there we will partner to align your business to the needs of your customer and evolve with an implementation plan that achieves those results. These efforts maximize your chances of hitting the mark out of the gate with your new offering.

Long term success requires a solid foundation

We seek to provide long term value with every one of our projects. That means designing and building your site with a comprehensive understanding of your customer, your business and your aspirations. Clients who have emerged from these strategic offerings have done so to see their website builds last many years without significant changes even as their businesses grow and adapt through innovation cycles, mergers and acquisitions and explosive growth phases.

Big ideas are realized through intuition, measurement and planning

The journey from our doorstep to a fine tuned customer engagement and sales platform starts with a sharing of ideas about your business and where it is positioned in the marketplace. This first critical step in our partnership will ensure a well planned, well informed design and development project with a keen eye to the budget.

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